Ali is a talented translator who needs £89.65 to be able to travel to university and look for permanent accommodation


Ali traveled down from Liverpool to become a qualified translator. He can speak Arabic, English, and French and loves to teach and share his knowledge. His student accommodation fell through and he has been homeless for the last 5 weeks. "Friends of mine told me WLM Seymour Place is a really friendly place and can help me sort things out quickly, it's been quite scary being homeless all of a sudden.” Ali does receive a bursary as a student which means he is not able to claim housing benefit. He can afford to pay £70 per week out of his bursary for shared accommodation. However, in order to access this accommodation, he needs £1000 for deposit and rent in advance. If you can help him with this cost Ali will no longer be homeless.

WLM Seymour Place provides our members with ongoing help and support. Using the money you give they will help our members with their specific need.
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