Alex needs £89.65 for travel to get back in to work after a serious operation

Fully funded


Alex was taken into hospital in the south-west as he had issues with both his eyes and kidneys which needed to be operated on. Once he recovered he traveled up to London for training and construction work but the job he was promised fell through. Alex is no longer being able to claim benefits because he’s from the European Economic Area (EEA), which means he only gets 3 months worth of state support. Alex has now been rough sleeping for 5 months and is working occasionally handing out newspapers for some money to help him with basics like food and domestics. For Alex, being able to travel around London quickly and easily is extremely important as he needs to reach different locations to get support and can’t make all his appointments if he’s only on foot. Anything you can give will really help. Alex is currently sleeping in the WLM night shelter so he has a roof over his head for the time being.

WLM Seymour Place provide our members with ongoing help and support. Using the money you give they will help our members with their specific need.
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Fully funded