Where does the money that I donate go?
The money you donate is sent to the charity who are supporting the member you've given to. The charity then spends the money on the need outlined in the member's profile.
How does a homeless person become a member of A Little Change?
A Little Change has partnered with homeless charities who refer individuals to us. Someone from A Little Change them works with the member to help them set up their profile. Each member has consented to share the information that is on their profile.
Is there a fee for donations?

Yes, there is a fee that we charge. You’ll see a breakdown of the fees we charge before each transaction. We are using this money to grow A Little Change so we can help more people. You can read more about how we came to this decision here.

Currently for a £10 donation:

  • £9.00 goes to the member you are supporting
  • £0.34 goes on card fees (we use Stripe who charge 1.4% + 20p per transaction)
  • £0.66 goes to A Little Change
Can I gift aid my donation?

Soon we’ll be a gift aid agent so we can claim gift aid on the charities behalf and take our fee from that. It costs money and takes time to set this up, thank you for your patience.

A gift aid transaction will in the future break down as follows:

  • £10 goes to the individual
  • £0.34 goes on card fees (we use Stripe who charge 1.4% + 20p per transaction)
  • £0.91 goes to the charity supporting the member
  • £1.25 goes to A Little Change
How do you ensure that the money donated goes to the specific needs of an individual?
Each charity partnered with A Little Change has agreed to honour the restricted donation you make. We also receive receipts and invoices of the expenditure from the charity.

Got more questions? Email us at hello@alittlechange.co.uk.