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needs of homeless people

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We work with our charity partners to make sure donations are spent wisely and effectively.

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Since October 2017
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Meet someone you can support


Brett is Tottenham fan from North London, and spent some of his younger years in Northampton. He enjoys fixing cars and has been trained as a mechanic. He is currently looking for work in construct...

£210.00 raised
£290.00 to go
Support Brett


Godfrey came to the UK from Uganda to study a Postgraduate Certificate in Management on a student’s visa. When he arrived all his money was stolen and he was left destitute. He was referred to ...

£430.00 raised
£170.00 to go
Support Godfrey


Kieth is in his late 20s and has been in supported housing for two and a half years. The owner of the property has given him notice and he has now been homeless for a week. He has a criminal re...

£60.00 raised
£0.00 to go
Fully funded

How it works

A homeless person joins A Little Change

Professionals at our charity partners help set up a person who is homeless with a crowdfunding profile. They work together to identify what the person needs.

This could be an everyday need like a bus pass or something more significant like help with a deposit for accomodation.

You make a difference

People like you donate to the homeless person's campaign.

Donors receive updates on their progress and how their donations have made a difference.

Time for A Little Change

Cashless society

Over half of all transactions in the UK are now cashless and this is increasing year on year.

Giving well

Thoughtful givers worry about how someone struggling with homelessness could spend their donation.

Homelessness is increasing

Homelessness has doubled since 2010 and is expected to keep increasing.

It is estimated that 170,000 people are homeless in London of whom 8000 are sleeping rough.

Are you ready to help a homeless person
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